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In favor of the game, I have to admit that I don't like survival/horror games, making Signalis an odd choice. What made me try it, was that it came with GamePass and the retro look.

(Screenshot nipped from the Signals page, I didn't get that far)

The first hour or so was really enjoyable (more puzzle/exploration and less survival), then came the shooting and the dying and time for me to say "goodbye".

I had a quick look at a walkthrough to see where the shooting and dying might lead me and if I should just swallow my dislike of "not enough of everything" (including inventory space). But reading a few chapters into the guide I found a shitload of things I would have forgotten and would have made me reload/restart that chapter, resulting in a rage-quit.

graphics and style 9/10
fun playing it (1st hour) 8/10
fun playing it (after 1st hour) 3/10


Signalis Homepage

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